Type: Artist

Valete, an artist having 43 published songs in our database, entertained with songs like Break U and Conselho De Ministros. Valete had 39 collaborations with some of the most popular artists: Bambino, Bjoy, Boss AC, Capicua, Choko, CHULLAGE, Curse, Cut Killer, Dino, Diversidad, DJ Caique, DJ Nel'Assassin, DjCaique, Emicida, Emicida, Rael, Capicua and Valete, Flow MC, Frenkie, Gmbisgerymendes, Ikonoklasta, Luche, Maltrapilho, Mariama, MC Nilton, MV Bill, Nach, Olavo Bilac, Orelha Negra, Orelsan, Pitcho, PSK, Rael, Remi, Rival, Sagas, Sam The Kid, Sanryse, Shaw, Shot and Xeg and was first added on on 2017-01-29 13:11:27.

Fourty-three songs by Valete: